Content Marketing 101: Create Content That Sells


How many customers are you losing everyday because of your content?

Few know this, but the right kind of content attracts customers, skyrockets your brand and generates sales, while the wrong kind of content repels customers, hurts your brand and gets buried deep below people's newsfeeds.

What if you could post your ideas today and start gaining a following for your work? Likes, comments, shares and sales come in each time you hit “Publish”?

Could a single piece of content change your business forever? It sure can. We all have seen it happen before.

Now, not everyone will hit content gold the first time; but what if on top of that, you find out how to get more leads fast and for cheap -- just by telling stories? Who doesn’t want that?

Introducing Content Marketing 101: Create Content That Sells

Who is this workshop for?
-Busy entrepreneurs who want to spread the word about their product and become an authority in the marketplace
-Small business owners who want a low cost way to reach a massive audience of prospective buyers
-Serious marketers looking to make an impact on a budget
-Freelancers looking to market themselves without being seen as a “sellout”

If you are already killing the content game, this class is not for you.

This class is designed for beginners. It's made purposely to be easy to follow, straight to the point,
and fun. No theories. Just real world strategies that work.

In this class, you will learn...

  • How to leverage content to turn cold strangers into paying customers & loyal fans
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and have business leads automatically come to you
  • Create wide reaching content that goes viral on Facebook
  • Rank on the first page of Google using FREE tools
  • The golden rules of copywriting that you can use anywhere to persuade anyone
  • The two most untapped channels to get massive reach for FREE
  • Create a vault of content ideas effortlessly so you never run out of things to say
  • Get FREE coverage from top media publications… without running big events, raising money or launching a new app
  • Quick and easy ways to write your first blog post
  • Craft magnetic headlines that users can’t help but click
  • Create an editorial calendar that you can actually stick to
  • Low-cost to no-cost, profitable ways to reach massive numbers of people with your marketing message
  • Build a powerful and profitable email list that you can sell to again and again in the future
  • Write mouth-watering content even if you are not a “natural writer”
  • The best tools to use to succeed with content marketing
  • Create massive amounts of free time using the power of automation

… and many more.

This class contains all the hard earned secrets of what it takes to reach & succeed in a localized market unique to Southeast Asia.

The fact that most Southeast Asian companies don't take content marketing seriously is already a huge plus for you.

After this class, imagine waking up everyday and knowing (not hoping) that for the next 12 months, your content game is settled.

Your marketing message will reach your target audience quickly and effectively, running 24/7 while you have an abundance of free time as you automate and scale your online presence.

What this class is not

It’s not giant list of content marketing tactics

Some training programs are a giant buffet. They list a bunch of tactics and leave it up to you to pick and choose. The truth is, you can find that online. What we did was filter down the buffet table of options, strategized, battle tested it in the real world and created a comprehensive framework, so you can do less scattered work and focus your efforts on a process that gets customers reliably at a low cost.

About the instructor

Ben Sim is a digital marketer and copywriter for startups. He has worked with companies such as iPrice, KingSumo and Anafore to drive more traffic, craft irresistible content and get more sales. His work and ideas has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, TechInAsia, and others.

Since graduating from London law school, he has worked on SEO and linkbuilding for iPrice, the leading online shopping aggregator in Southeast Asia.

His efforts in the Singapore market has led his work to be published in Business Insider, International Business Times, Singapore Business Review, Asia One, TechWireAsia, TechInAsia, e27, and many more - building highly authoritative backlinks and boosted first page Google rankings.

He went on to spearhead the email marketing team, in which he has set up email automation to drive continuous traffic, achieved a 116% increase in email sign-ups and doubled the subscriber base resulting in over 19,000 visits within the first 3 months. All the while, running campaigns for billion-dollar startups such as Lazada, Uber, Grab, Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

Currently, he is doing editorial content writing and maximizing traffic to iPrice's Malaysia market through a number of initiatives from writing blog posts based on search trends to optimizing meta tags (up to 48.5% traffic boosts in 30 days). These are not big changes in small numbers (like how other marketers claim).

Join The Content Marketing Class Now

If you’re tired of creating content that doesn’t go anywhere, in this class you’ll learn proven strategies for building an audience from scratch, generate more leads and create content that sells (and positioning you & your company as a thought leader within your industry).

Learn what most marketers learn in years in just one day.

Date: 25th August 2018
Time: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Venue: The Co. @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

*Lunch & light refreshments provided

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Sat Aug 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MYT
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